AssessedGrub has played every Halo game since the fourth grade. Even though Halo 5 will soon surpass it in playtime, Halo 3 is his favorite game. Usually complains about every death and most other things in the game.
Likes dogs and long walks on the beach. Looking for someone to share quiet evenings by the fireplace with.

  • Old Benq screen
  • Usually Xbox chatpad, sometimes Astro A40
  • Microsoft Elite controller
  • Bumper jumper
  • Sensitivity changes a few times a day
Level 149 23525203 24000000

Stats - Arena

Playtime 34D 13H 52M
3.6k Games won
2.6k Games lost
57.61 Win percent
93.8k Kills
14.93 Kills per game
41.9k Assist
7.36 Headshots per game
2.3k Assassinations
620 Ground pound
428 Spartan charge
534 Suicides
5.4k Perfect kills
6.5k Players protected