February 12 1993, just a normal cold winter day. Little did the world know a new star was born.

The years pass, and in the small country of Norway a little boy is growing up. One day, he comes home to a big black box in his living room. Next to the box, a cover with the word «Halo». And so the legend of AxeNes begins.

AxeNes loves both the lore of Halo and the multiplayer. With dedication to the game he always strives to become better in gameplay, communication and map knowledge.

AxeNes is a salyer/suport guy, he is deadly with every weapon he use. He is an aggressive player but can also lean back ann take the 1-shots his teammates leave him. AxeNes has an aim that is always on point and with is communication hes a dream to have on the team.

  • Microsoft Elite Controller
  • Default button layout (Elite customized)
  • – Horizontal sens: 1
  • – Vertical sens: 4
  • Acceleration 5
Level 149 21733931 24000000

Stats - Arena

Playtime 39D 19H 49M
3.8k Games won
3.2k Games lost
54.43 Win percent
103.2k Kills
14.48 Kills per game
42.6k Assist
7.95 Headshots per game
2.1k Assassinations
434 Ground pound
238 Spartan charge
284 Suicides
7.6k Perfect kills
7.4k Players protected