BabyBerg is a veteran in the halo scene. He was introduced to the game by Fjolsen. It did not take long before BabyBerg started to own Fjolsen, then Fjolsen came with an ultimatum; Buy your own xbox or never play more at his place.

BabyBerg is now a feared halo player. His ability to stay alive is impeccable. And his unique movements around the maps are absolutely amazing. It´s pretty much game over if you give this guy the sniper!

  • 24″ Benq Zowie RL2455
  • Microsoft Elite Controller
  • Astro A40
  • Bumper jumper
  • – Horizontal sens: 2.5
  • – Vertical sens: 4.5
  • Acceleration 4
Level 148 16181732 18000000

Stats - Arena

Playtime 26D 18H 37M
2.9k Games won
1.8k Games lost
60.73 Win percent
68.6k Kills
14.04 Kills per game
28.8k Assist
8.27 Headshots per game
975 Assassinations
153 Ground pound
272 Spartan charge
255 Suicides
3.8k Perfect kills
4.6k Players protected