Danids started back in 2008 when he bought his first Xbox 360, Halo 3 edition. Thanks to AxeNes. His love for Halo grew exponentially over the years, not only for the gameplay but also for the enormous lore . He have spent countless hours on the games themselves. He works hard to get better and better and is loyal to his team/company. Danids plays the role as an support/objective guy. His map knowledge and aggressive style makes him a superior player to have on the team. Neither does he mind putting in the hours and the grind so that Loftstua can get the achilles armor.

His favorite Halo game is Halo:Reach

  • Microsoft Elite controller
  • Logitech Artemis Spectrum G633 headset
  • Default botton layout
  • – Horizontal sens: 2
  • – Vertical sens: 5
  • Acceleration 5
Level 146 9783065 11050000

Stats - Arena

Playtime 15D 15H 36M
1.5k Games won
1.2k Games lost
55.02 Win percent
27.7k Kills
9.67 Kills per game
14.8k Assist
4.66 Headshots per game
626 Assassinations
109 Ground pound
179 Spartan charge
132 Suicides
801 Perfect kills
1.9k Players protected