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Fjolsen started playing Halo way back in 2002, when the first Halo game came out. Since then, he has followed the Halo series and loved every single game. People who knows him says he is a Halo Nerd. Neither his wife nor himself would contradict that statement.

Fjolsen is a veteran player and has an aggressive playstyle. If you’re 2. shot and he is 1. shot, he will gladly challenge you and t-bag you afterwards. His movements and aim are always on point and will be deadly to anyone who challenges him. Though he is mainly an objective/support guy, he can also take the sniper rifle and rip faces when the slayer guys don’t succeed. He always does whatever it takes, pushing the objective or collapsing the enemy team to ensure the Win.

You will often see Fjolsen and Babyberg in the lobby together, having played Halo with each other since Halo:CE. Today they are feared in the Halo community for being a kick ass team: Fjolsen with his aggressive style and deadly aim, shredding up the enemy team, and Babyberg camping around the edges of the map, picking up the 1. shots that Fjolsen leaves him. With their good communication and movements, they make a perfect duo.

His favorite Halo game is always the newest game in the series. Though, if he had to choose, it would be Halo:CE because of all the great memories.

  • SynkMaster SA350 Samsung monitor
  • Astro a40 headset
  • Microsoft Elite Controller
  • Default button layout with some modifications
  • – Horizontal sens: 2.5
  • – Vertical sens: 5
  • Acceleration 5

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Level 149 22689802 24000000

Stats - Arena

Playtime 33D 19H 34M
3.7k Games won
2.4k Games lost
59.57 Win percent
80.1k Kills
12.9 Kills per game
36.3k Assist
6.86 Headshots per game
1.5k Assassinations
466 Ground pound
943 Spartan charge
356 Suicides
4.1k Perfect kills
5.2k Players protected