haavard h

haavard h started his Halo career with Halo 3 and since then loved Halo. haavard h is a good allround player and if your team needs a kill, then give him the sniper! In Loftstua he is also known as haavard h the callout king, his callouts are always spot on. His moments around the map is ridiculous, he moves just like a ninja in close quarters. If you see in the kill feed: double kill, triple kill or overkill its just haavard h playing some casual games with his friends in Loftstua, and getting a perfection medal.

haavard h’s favorite Halo game is Halo 3

  • AOC e2070Swn 19.5″
  • Standard Xbox-controller and headset
  • Bumper Jumper
  • – Horizontal sens: 4
  • – Vertical sens: 4
  • Acceleration 3
Level 146 9751112 11050000

Stats - Arena

Playtime 27D 0H 0M
2.4k Games won
2.1k Games lost
53.42 Win percent
54.9k Kills
11.88 Kills per game
26.8k Assist
5.06 Headshots per game
710 Assassinations
162 Ground pound
30 Spartan charge
258 Suicides
2.5k Perfect kills
3.8k Players protected