Leif Ludvig

I have no idea when Leif Ludvig started playing Halo, and I don’t know what his favorite Halo game is. The only thing I know for sure, is that he is very positive and a really hard worker. He’s always the first one to take the initiative and put in the extra work. Especially when it comes to writing his own player bio all by him self. He also won two 2v2 tournaments while being carried by Assessedgrub. He is known for always talking about how cool Assessedgrub is.

– Controller
– Screen
– Headset
– Sensitivity

Totally not written by Assessedgrub

Level 145 8619643 9000000

Stats - Arena

Playtime 21D 17H 41M
2.3k Games won
1.5k Games lost
59.12 Win percent
59.3k Kills
15.04 Kills per game
21.7k Assist
6.96 Headshots per game
1.2k Assassinations
784 Ground pound
277 Spartan charge
340 Suicides
2.8k Perfect kills
3.4k Players protected