SalableSix8 is one of the young guns in Halo with almost nothing to little playtime prior to Halo 5. But after he started playing Halo 5, he has been playing hard and grinding his way up the ranks. Unlucky for the rest of Loftstua, SalableSix8 has less time to grind then the rest. But Halo is life, according to himself.

  • 55″ Flatscreen
  • HyperX Cloud II Gaming headset
  • Scuf controller
  • Default button layout
  • – Horizontal sens: 1.5
  • – Vertical sens: 3
  • Acceleration 3
  • 5% inner dead zone
Level 141 6592660 6615000

Stats - Arena

Playtime 13D 14H 20M
1.2k Games won
1k Games lost
53.56 Win percent
26.5k Kills
11.14 Kills per game
13.7k Assist
5.74 Headshots per game
402 Assassinations
149 Ground pound
240 Spartan charge
109 Suicides
1.4k Perfect kills
1.7k Players protected