Thats Snuffles

Thats Snuffles has a huge love for the Halo campaigns, he’ll probably be one of the first in line for the new release. When Halo:Reach came out he held a party at his appartment for some friends and played through the campaign that same night. Thats Snuffles came late into the competivite scene, but he is grinding hard to become better at map placement, teamsupport and accuracy.

That Snuffles never gets tired of hearing: «Nice nade!», and its a reason for that! Thats Snuffles nades hits almost every target, even cross-map, and if a nade comes out right before he dies. You can bet its well placed for the «From the grave».

  • 27″ HP 27er
  • Standard Xbox controller
  • HyperX Cloud II Gaming headset
  • Halo 4 button layout
  • – Horizontal sens: 2
  • – Vertical sens: 4
  • Acceleration 4
Level 143 7037625 7050000

Stats - Arena

Playtime 11D 7H 27M
1.1k Games won
947 Games lost
54.27 Win percent
21.7k Kills
10.32 Kills per game
10.8k Assist
4.63 Headshots per game
511 Assassinations
34 Ground pound
230 Spartan charge
115 Suicides
1.2k Perfect kills
1.3k Players protected