ThePandafable has been playing Halo since the old days and is a close friend of Thats Snuffles. ThePandafable aka MouseTrouble played long days and nights with Thats Snuffles since Halo:Reach, and always felt that he had the upperhand on Thats Snuffles. But after Thats Snuffles blossomed into a young fine player, he has a small voice back of his head «The student has become the master». Don’t even try to mess with ThePandafable, he will hunt you down!

Moves like a happy butterfly over a field of roses on the Grifball court

Level 51 879674 922000

Stats - Arena

Playtime 18H 24M
88 Games won
78 Games lost
53.01 Win percent
1.9k Kills
12.04 Kills per game
482 Assist
5.28 Headshots per game
11 Assassinations
11 Ground pound
9 Spartan charge
8 Suicides
13 Perfect kills
32 Players protected